The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) has recently reviewed a slew of new legislation that may affect small business owners in the state of California. They called the report “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” and it outlines some beneficial new laws along with a few that may cause complications for small business owners. Here are a few selections from the list that you may want to know about.

Good Bills Proposed or Passed

One example of a bill that may help small businesses is AB 831 – a bill that would provide small businesses with a tax cut. The idea is that it takes a good deal of time for a small business to comply with the many existing regulations. The tax cut would be a means of compensation.

AB 912 is also directed specifically at helping small businesses. It involves regulatory compliance and assisting small businesses to be able to comply with these regulations. It also reduces the penalties for lack of compliance when certain mitigating circumstances exist.

Less Favorable California Legislation

If you accept tips at your small business and don’t already allow customers to tip via credit or debit card, you may have to update your receipts soon. AB 1099 would require a business that accept tips to include a way of accepting tips through debit and credit cards.

SB 300 may affect everything from a small convenience store to a coffee shop. This regulation requires every beverage sold in California that is sweetened with sugar to be labeled with a health warning. New civil penalties have been developed for offending businesses.

California – Still a Small Business Owner’s Paradise

California has more than 3.5 million small businesses, and these companies supply more than 6 million jobs for state residents. Sure, there are state regulations that can be tricky to comply with, but it’s a small price to pay for such a good business climate.

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