3 Places You Need to Check Your Business for ADA Compliance

3 Places You Need to Check Your Business for ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is a hot topic in California, as many businesses have faced frivolous suits. However, you also want to protect yourself from legitimate claims of a lack of compliance. Here are three areas of your business to pay particular attention to:

  1. Entrance and Exit Points – The fact is that if a disabled person can’t get in and out of your business easily, he or she is probably going to go to one of your competitors. Of course, it could also lead to a claim against your business, so check entrance and exit points for ease of access.
  2. Restroom Facilities – If you are going to be providing restrooms for your patrons, be sure they can be used by any patron and not just those who are able-bodied. Are bathroom stalls large enough? Are there bars in the right places to assist with standing up or transferring from a wheelchair?
  3. Business Specific Needs – Depending on your business, you need to ensure there is access for everyone. If you offer seating, there should be a seating area for disabled ones. If you are selling goods, there should be a way for a disabled person to approach the register area. You need to examine your business and the products or services you offer.

Help for Protecting Your Business from an ADA Claim

If your business is being victimized by a frivolous claim or you haven’t been given the proper amount of time to rectify a situation, contact Pokala Law APC APC for help with ADA defense. We’re here to support small business like yours in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Just call 1-844-695-1487 or submit our online contact form to get the help you need.

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