The American Disabilities Act helps disabled individuals to be able to enjoy businesses across the country without being made to feel different or deficient. However, there have been some unfortunate cases where the ADA has been abused for frivolous lawsuit purposes. The state of California now has passed legislation that protects small businesses in three ways.

  1. Time to make corrections – If your business legitimately needs to make some changes to meet ADA regulations, you are given time to do so rather than being fined immediately.
  2. Delayed suits – While a person can file a complaint about your business, a lawsuit cannot be filed before you have had the proper amount of time to make the changes.
  3. ADA updates – Local governments are required to provide business owners with the latest updates to ensure you have time to make necessary changes rather than be sued for noncompliance over a changed law you would have had no way to know existed.

Protect Your Small Business with Affordable ADA Defense

Pokala Law APC specializes in helping small businesses when it comes to restroom ADA compliance. If you have had a complaint against your small business, we offer affordable advice and legal defense. We can also help you understand the potential tax benefits of expenditures related to ADA compliance.

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