Litigation is one of the most feared words in the business world, especially when an employee is suing an employer and you are the owner of the small business involved. How can you keep the risks of such an outcome to a minimum? Here are three tips.

  1. Make sure your employees are treated equally – California (and normal decency) requires that you treat all of your employees equally and fairly regardless of things such as gender, race, disability, or sexual orientation. Not violating the law goes a long way toward not getting sued.
  2. Train your employees, especially management – Proper training can keep injuries to a minimum. Also, properly train your employees when it comes to things like avoiding discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  3. Update company policy documents and makes sure everyone reads them – If everyone knows the policies and they are enforced, then it is on the employees to live up to what is written in those documents. Make it required reading and have employees sign saying that they have read the latest updates.

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