Whether you are working on a website, a sponsored ad, or some content for your social media accounts, marketing your business requires a lot of imagery. How can you make sure that it is legal to use a photo for your business marketing? Here are a few quick tips.

  • Do it yourself – It doesn’t take a lot to set up a photoshoot. You may not even have to invest in a fancy camera if you have a modern smartphone.
  • Hire someone – While it may be the more expensive route to take, you can hire someone to take photos for your business. A professional should be able to provide high-quality content. Make sure the work is performed under contract so that you own the rights to use the photos for your business marketing. You may have to pay extra if you want the images to be exclusive.
  • Buy royalty-free images – You get the benefits of professional photos without the added cost of hiring a photographer yourself. Just make sure any models or locations in the images are released. Some content sold on photo sites may be for editorial use only and not for commercial purposes.

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