When you are reviewing a business agreement or contract, having a checklist of items to consider can help you to ensure that you are not signing anything to your detriment. Here are 7 things you always want to consider when dealing with a business contract or agreement of any type.  

  1. Terms and Conditions – You need to know exactly what it is you have agreed to.  
  2. Parties – Who is signing the contract? 
  3. Renewal Terms – If the contract can be renewed at its conclusion, you need to outline the terms of renewal. 
  4. Termination Clause – Whether employment or a lease, you need to agree on how to get out of the contract 
  5. Deadlines – This is especially important when you are signing a contract with (or as) a freelancer. 
  6. Warranty – Is there a warranty or guarantee provided by one or more parties involved?  
  7. Dispute Resolution – If something goes wrong, how will the parties to the contract work it out?  

Contract Review Lawyer in San Diego 

If you are looking for a lawyer to draft and review contracts before you sign them, Pokala Law is the perfect choice for small business owners. By making the terms and conditions of a contract clear, as well as the other elements noted above, you can put yourself in a better position should business contract enforcement become necessary.  

The next time you need to enter into an agreement with another business or person, contact Pokala Law by calling 1-844-695-1487. We offer affordable advice and services to small business owners in the San Diego area.