Intellectual property plays a vital role in the branding and profitability of any company. This is especially true when it comes to small businesses. Digital marketing is also a must for modern companies. How does this pose a challenge when it comes to copyright infringement? Here are a few things every small business owner should know.

  • You can usually repost something from social media as long as you provide credit to the original poster – That having been said, you need to be sure the person you are reposting from is the one who made the content. Otherwise, you are not giving credit to the right person and could be open to a claim if your company benefits financially from the repost. The safest route is to create your own social media content or to have it prepared for you by a reputable agency or freelancer.
  • Spun content isn’t necessarily illegal, but it could get you into trouble – Take your company blog, for example. If you just spin the articles from your main competitor’s website, someone is eventually going to notice that you both keep posting similar content.
  • Royalty-free and free are not the same thing – Royalty-free stock photos don’t require you to pay the content creator every time the image is used or viewed. However, there will still be an initial cost associated with the content. You can’t just right-click, save it, and use it for your business. That’s a sure way to get a takedown notice (or worse).

The Legal Support Small Businesses Need in San Diego

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