A Lawyer Can Help You Navigate the Perils of Small Business Ownership 1

A Lawyer Can Help You Navigate the Perils of Small Business Ownership

If you have recently started your own small business, or if you are planning on doing so in the future, a business attorney may be just what you need to do things right from the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. Here are some things a business attorney can do for you.

  • Business formation law – Each state (and even local municipality) has its own rules regarding how to form a business. This is true whether you are planning to start a sole proprietorship or you want to gain the benefits of incorporating your new startup.
  • Contracts and agreements – Whether you need contracts drafted or you want a lawyer to review something before you sign it, you always want to know what you are agreeing to. Otherwise, you may be obligating your business to something that starts you off in a bad situation.
  • Intellectual property – As a small business owner, protecting your intellectual property (IP) needs to be a priority. This is what gives you an advantage over your competitors. It is essential to protect your trademarks, copyrights, and patents. If another brand tries to use your IP, you need the help of an attorney to stop them or to receive due compensation.

A Small Business Attorney in San Diego, CA

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