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You can’t think about hiring a lawyer for your small business in the San Diego area without considering Kaylan Pokala. With over 15 years of legal practice experience, Mr. Pokala is continually building a reputation for helping small business owners in southern California with business formation, contracts and agreements, intellectual property protection, and even litigation. Pokala Law APC is a small business, so we understand what it takes to run and protect a business in an economy that seems to cater to the needs of large corporations. When you want expert legal support at reasonable and competitive prices, Pokala Law APC is the practice for you. Get all the legal services you need with the personal touch you can only find at a small firm.

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The best up and coming business lawyer you can meet! He is not your corporate lawyer that will swindle you for money but a common man that will help you succeed in your small business. I went to him for information on trademarking and he practically told me on what I needed to spend on and what can wait. He also saved me $800 on licensing my business as LLC after the calendar year. He will accept payments too. Great guy, really down to earth and straight forward. Great lawyer to work with if you are starting a small business.

Valente A. - La Mesa, CA

I was new in California and unaware of insurance laws, I rented a pickup truck and thought its covered by my credit card. Apparently it wasn’t when I got falsely accused of hitting another person’s car. The person’s insurance contacted me and tried to put me through the wringer. I called Kalyan and he straightened the situation out he quickly convinced the insurance company that I had nothing to do with the person’s car. They dropped the claim and left me alone, Kalyan is a life-saver! Highly recommended

Neeraj S. - San Francisco, CA

I am a Wedding/Boudoir Photographer and I own my own company. I have used Kalyan legal services for Incorporating, writing contracts and just about all my small business legal needs. I received all the help I needed and I was given legal advice and help with my small business. Kalyan is professional, and he is very quick to make you feel that he has your full attention. I recommend using Kalyan for your legal small business needs so you will be assured that all your legal matters are taken care of with care

Anna Johnson - San Diego, CA

Kalyan represented me in a protracted legal dispute from 2012 to 2014. Throughout the case, his calm demeanor and competent legal expertise made sure that I received the settlement that I wanted. I’d recommend Kalyan to anyone who has a business law or litigation need, he is an exceptional communicator and would always make himself available to answer my questions in a timely manner. I hear horror stories about attorneys never communicating with their clients, and Kalyan’s treatment of his clients is the furthest thing from.

Patrick Berry, Arizona