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Pokala Law APC is committed to helping small business owners in the San Diego area to succeed. We have a real passion for helping small business clients, especially those in the arts sector, navigate the legalities connected to running a business. Let us provide customized support for you!

Since 2008, Pokala Law APC has built a strong reputation for offering competent, fair-priced legal advice while providing the personal touch that is rarely found with a full-service law firm.

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We protect our business clients by keeping them well-informed of the laws that govern their workplaces. Failure to comply with the laws that govern the workplace can expose businesses to liability, and the penalties can be severe. As attorneys for both Plaintiffs and Defendants, we have substantial experience identifying potential issues in the workplace before they arise, so that they can be resolved more efficiently, helping our clients avoid expensive litigation.

We have provided legal advice to small business owners for over a decade. From sole proprietors looking to incorporate their existing business, to forming partnerships, to incorporating new businesses as LLCs or corporations, we have experience helping small business owners select the best business formation for their needs. Selecting the correct business entity is an important first step to success.

One of the most stressful situations for a business owner or an individual is a legal battle. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, our experienced legal team can help you navigate through the minefield that is litigation, by explaining to you without using legalese, what is happening in your case, and what you should expect, throughout the process.

Intellectual property (“IP”) is a term used often to describe a wide variety of creations. It’s a category of property, that includes intangible creations of the mind. This includes copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Because these things are so crucial to a business’ success, IP is often the lifeblood of a small business, as well as for larger corporations.

From drafting contracts and agreements for you, to reviewing a contract that you’ve received and explaining its language in a way a non-attorney can easily understand, we can help. Let us draft and review everything from purchase agreements to commercial and everything in-between.

Our trusted tax attorneys are well equipped to help you tackle both state and federal tax issues you or your business may encounter. From choosing the right structure for your tax goals to navigating IRS or EDD audits, Pokala Law is here to guide you with effective and efficient tax advice.

Every family is different — your estate plan should reflect your individual needs. Pokala Law is here to help protect yourself and those you love to provide you the peace of mind you deserve for your future.

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At Pokala Law APC, we strive to provide the highest level of service to all of our clients. Our passion is supporting small businesses of all types, whether in our hometown of San Diego or elsewhere across California, and especially those related to the arts. From choosing and forming the right entity for your business, to drafting, negotiating, and litigating contracts & agreements, protecting your intellectual property, and providing competent and effective civil litigation representation, our firm’s comprehensive and varied skillset is designed to provide the flexible and varied services to suit your needs. As attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants, our legal team has a unique insight into tackling whatever problem arises.

We understand the needs of a small business because we’re a small business too. For the experienced legal services you require at rates a small business owner can afford, savvy entrepreneurs choose Pokala Law APC.

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