What is intellectual property? Basically, this term refers to any creative ideas an individual comes up with. From a written document to a new invention or a software application, intellectual property spans the entire range of creative and artistic works.

Why is intellectual property so important to your business? This is what gives you a competitive edge, especially when a business is competing against much larger or well-establish companies in the same industry. Everything from the right slogan to the most advanced database system can make the difference between success and failure.

How Intellectual Property Law Protects Your Company

The problem is that having a great idea, even putting it into action, doesn’t automatically make the idea belong to you. Just consider the constant battles between giant corporations like Apple and Samsung over intellectual property rights, some of which have gone to the supreme court, and you’ll see how important patents, trademarks, copyrights, and the like, really are.

The fact is that intellectual property is big business. How big? Try $5 trillion dollars in the US alone! And intellectual property is a big deal specifically in the San Diego area. Thousands of patents are granted each year to local innovators. Your ideas need to be protected too, and that means finding an experienced attorney who understands California intellectual property law.

San Diego’s Intellectual Property Attorney

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