This is a great checklist to have when you are going over any sort of business agreement or contract. If it is missing any of these elements, it is a good idea to amend the document before signing it.

  • Terms and parties – Who is involved in the contract and what are you agreeing to?
  • Terms of renewal – This is only necessary if you have a limited timeframe on the contract and want the option to renew it at the end.
  • Termination terms – How can the parties get out of the contract early? Are there any penalties for doing so?
  • Scope and deadlines – If the agreement is for a business project, you need to know what is expected and when it needs to be delivered by.
  • Dispute resolution – What if something goes wrong? This clause outlines how the parties will work out their differences.
  • Guarantee – Is there a guarantee or warranty being provided by one or both parties?

Once you have agreed on all of these matters, you should have a professional review the document for you to ensure it is worded properly and that there is no hidden doublespeak in the contract. A business lawyer can save you from getting in over your head.

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