From your website to your blogs to your social media posts, digital marketing requires a ton of images. For a small business owner, it is usually difficult to produce all your own content. Even if you have a modern smartphone that takes great pictures, you may not feel you have an eye for taking the kinds of photos you need. Here are two ways to get around the issue.

  • Hire a professional photographer – Hire a pro to come to your office and photograph you, your products, and any employees working. They can take pictures of the business while it is closed (or while it’s open, but you’ll need anyone in the photos to sign a release if you want to use them for business purposes). They can even do headshots for an employee who needs a profile picture.
  • Purchase royalty-free stock images online – Keep in mind that these are royalty-free – not free. You have to pay for the images upfront, but then you can use them just about how you want in your digital marketing (be sure to read the licensing agreement to ensure your use won’t require an extended license). Keep in mind that some photos on stock sites may not be for commercial use, so you will want to filter out images that are for editorial use only.

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