When you are developing a business plan for your new startup, you need to include a strategy for protecting your intellectual property. Here are three reasons you need to have a way to protect your IP in place before you serve your first customer, take your initial order, or hire your first employee.

  • It’s easier to plan ahead then recoup losses – By getting all the right trademarks, patents, and copyrights in advance, you are much more protected than if you wait until after you are doing business for a while.
  • You can fast-track compensation – Some IP is automatically protected. However, if you get that copyright or trademark, it is going to be faster and easier to take action if someone infringes on your IP.
  • Stay out of court – Number one, when you apply for official recognition, you are going to find out if someone else got there first. That can protect you from an embarrassing or costly lawsuit. Second, when your property is protected properly, offenders won’t have a leg to stand on, so it will be easier to settle quickly and get the compensation you deserve.

San Diego Intellectual Property Attorney for Small Business Owners

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