There are many ways that you can structure a business. When two people are going into business together, the first structure that you may think of is a partnership. What do you need to know before entering into a business partnership? Here are a few considerations.

  • Is a partnership the best business formation for us? – By structuring your new business venture as an LLC or a corporation, you may be able to attain other benefits that you hadn’t thought of. Don’t confine yourself to forming a partnership just because there are only two of you.
  • Have the business formation documents drafted professionally – If you are forming a partnership, have the partnership agreement formulated by a lawyer so that you both understand what you are agreeing to and the document is properly composed. If you decide to go with articles of incorporation, your small business attorney can help you to ensure they are filled out properly.
  • Name your business – You may have a business name already picked out, but if it’s not available, you will have to come up with something else.

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