Our office has over a decade of experience drafting and reviewing contracts, covering a wide range of topics and industries. committed to helping small business owners in the San Diego area to succeed. While oral contracts are generally enforceable in California, it is always best to have any agreement written down to protect and solidify what is expected of both parties. Should the need ever arise, it is also far easier to prosecute or defend against a written contract!

Contracts are quite special when it comes to our profession. In most areas of the law, there is an adversarial “us versus them” factor that naturally pits one side against the other. Contracts, however, are not a zero-sum game – a good contract is one wherein everybody wins. We pride ourselves in drafting and negotiating fair and equitable contracts to not only protect your business, but set you up for healthy business relationships with other parties.

How We Can Help

No one likes to think about the divorce while they’re getting married. But when it comes to a business contract, our years of drafting and litigating contracts have shown that this type of forward-thinking is a crucial way to minimize your liabilities. We believe in a preventative approach to our contracts. Our contracts are designed to anticipate the most likely outcomes of your situation and provide you with the peace of mind to know what’s coming next. Do you already have a contract made that you would like to improve? Our team is always happy to analyze existing contracts you have to strengthen your agreements and protect your business.

In the end, a contract is supposed to be a memorialization of the terms the parties have already agreed to. The oral agreement may have been more general, but the basic gist of the contract is established prior to the drafts being prepared. Then you’re handed a large contract, and it bears little resemblance to the simple deal that you had been discussing. What’s key is to understand the basis concepts of a contract, and really, if the agreement is fair to you.

  1. What are you getting from the other side under this contract?
  2. What are you giving the other side under the contract?
  3. When are you getting your benefits from the other side under this contract?
  4. How are you getting your benefits from the other side under this contract?
  5. What happens if you don’t get your benefits?
  6. When are you giving the other side their benefits under the contract?
  7. How are you giving the other side their benefits under the contract?
  8. What happens if they don’t get your benefits?
  9. What happens if there is a dispute?

It sounds really straight-forward, right? But very rarely are contracts written in such a straight-forward manner. That leads clients to seek counsel from their attorneys to make sure they are actually getting what they are supposed to be getting. If any of these questions can’t be easily answered, then the contract might need to be revised. Reviewing a contract also includes negotiating revisions to the contract so that it more properly aligns with your understanding of the contract.

Whether you are in conflict with a personal contact or major corporation, we can help you find the best way to resolve the conflict as you see fit. Contract disputes can be settled quickly with compromise; or they can be settled in court so you have your voice heard for the record. We will help guide you through the likely course of events and help you map out the route you’d like to take towards resolution. We know that emotions come into play, and we will both respect and challenge that approach so you have a full understanding of what contract enforcement will cost.

As a small business owner, you are likely going to engage in buying, selling, and leasing. Whether it’s a 3D printer or a competitor’s book of business, let us review the contract to ensure that your money is being used in the best way possible.

Eventually, you will need to have your business evaluated; your business is a valuable asset that you will use to leverage the funds you need to grow. Let us guide you through the valuation process.

You will also need to hire independent contractors and employees down the line to multiply your revenue, when the work becomes more than just what you can bear. We can help you create an employment plan that will maximize your efforts while reducing the risks that come with hiring and firing employees.

You may even want your business to acquire its own assets, like real estate and heavy equipment. We can give you the guidance you need to add those assets into your overall business plan.

And eventually, you will want an exit strategy. From selling the business to allowing it to run without your daily input, you will need help in constructing the right legal framework to make the most out of your assets.

You Will Always Want The Right Lawyer

Don’t waste your time hiring two or three different law firms to advise you on different aspects of your business. Just like you want one primary doctor who has a comprehensive understanding of your overall health, you want a primary law firm that understands your business’s complete legal picture. We help small businesses with their contract needs daily, let us help your small business meet its contract needs as well.

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