Litigation can be a means of protecting your business when it comes to broken contracts and agreements or defending your intellectual property. On the other hand, there are many frivolous lawsuits in the US, and these can sometimes affect small business owners. Here are a few statistics that should move you to have a good small business lawyer in your corner.

  • Plaintiffs win 55% of the time in tort cases. That number probably feels too low for comfort if you need to sue, but it is nightmarishly high when your business is the defendant.
  • The average succesful lawsuit against a business results in an $80,000 payout. Most small businesses can’t afford to take that kind of hit. One lost case can lead to going out of business.
  • Americans spend more money on suing each other than they do on buying new cars. The worst part is that the US is one of the few places where you pay your own legal fees, even if you win the case. That means getting sued can be expensive even if the lawsuit is frivolous and the plaintiff has little chance of winning. It can require a countersuit to recoup legal fees.
  • California sees an exceptional number of tort cases, even compared to other states.

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