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Pokala Law APC Provides a Wide Variety of Tax Services

Helping you resolve past, present, and future tax issues

Pokala Law APC provides a wide variety of tax services to help resolve past, present, and future tax issues with the IRS and state tax authorities for individuals and businesses alike. Our client-focused professionals work with our clients to determine and achieve the best results in their tax matters. Learn more about our tax services below.

IRS Circular 230 Disclosure: Please note that any U.S. federal tax advice contained in this website is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter contained in this website.

Understanding the Nuances of Tax Law

Tax Settlements and Offer in Compromise

The Offer in Compromise program from the IRS is designed to allow taxpayers experiencing a financial hardship to settle tax debt for less than the full amount owed.

Innocent Spouse

A husband and wife are typically both held liable for the taxes listed on a jointly filed tax return, which means the IRS may pursue collection actions against either spouse, even if the spouse did not earn the income subject to the tax. Relief may be available for a spouse through the innocent spouse provisions of the U.S. Tax Code.

Payroll Tax Liabilities

Our experienced team has a track record of success representing clients in payroll tax matters including IRS audits, EDD audits, and workers’ compensation audits.

Whether it involves federal or state payroll taxes, collection action can be enforced to recover unpaid payroll taxes and/or those payroll taxes resulting from unfiled payroll returns, plus interest.  

IRS Audit Defense

Whether through correspondence or in the field, our team helps clients undergoing an audit by the IRS and defend their previous tax returns throughout the process by representing our clients. When you are notified by the IRS that you are being audited, you may not know what to do next or you may feel overwhelmed. How you prepare for and deal with an IRS audit may have a great impact on the outcome of your situation.

Federal Tax Litigation

IRS agents and prosecutors are aggressive when they pursue a case against those they believe have not paid the correct amount of taxes. You don’t have to deal with the IRS alone. We help our clients and their businesses with equally aggressive tax litigation services. An experienced tax litigation attorney can help you fight against the IRS to overcome tax charges and penalties you may be facing.

Tax Liens

Tax liens can have a great impact on your finances, property, and personal life. When the government puts a lien on your property, your options to obtain financing for a home or business become much slimmer until the tax debt is paid in full. By working with Pokala Law APC, you know that you have someone in your corner working quickly and efficiently to resolve your tax lien issue.

Sales & Use Tax

If you are a business that is being audited for sales tax and use tax, you have the right to an experienced sales and use tax attorney to defend your prosperity. If the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration believes you have failed to pay on your sales tax and use tax, they will issue an audit. We work with clients and advise them throughout the process and negotiate on their behalf.

Franchise Tax Board

Our experienced tax attorneys work with clients in California tax matters involving the California Franchise Tax Board. We bring a wealth of experience to our clients involved in franchise tax disputes and controversies, helping them navigate complex franchise tax issues.

Tax Advisory

Life is complicated enough without having to wrestle with the always changing maze of tax laws and filings.  We take that burden away and provide you with the confidence that your tax matters are managed to the best outcome.  Our approach is to work with you throughout the year to ensure that financial and investment decisions are made taking into account the tax consequences.

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