Three Tips to Help Keep Your Small Business Out of Court 1

Three Tips to Help Keep Your Small Business Out of Court

Something that is often floating around at the back of the mind of a small business owner is, what if I get sued? While the fact of the matter is that forming your business as a corporation rather than a sole proprietorship would protect your personal assets, you still don’t want to go through this experience. Here are three examples of ways a business attorney can help to protect your company.

  • Intellectual property (IP) – Understanding how intellectual property works can allow you to protect your trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and prevent you from infringing on the IP of other businesses.
  • Employee contracts – Without a good employee contract, you may end up with a choice of either keeping a terrible employee or ending up in court. Always remember to outline the causes for termination, so you don’t have to give repeated warnings to someone who is costing your business money with every day you have to keep them on board.
  • Business agreements – From property leases to partnership agreements, you want professional assistance with drafting and reviewing of documents. This can ensure that the arrangements benefit your business instead of locking you into unfavorable circumstances.

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