Tips for Incorporating Your Small Business in San Diego 1

Tips for Incorporating Your Small Business in San Diego

While forming your small business as a sole proprietorship may be the quickest process in the beginning, you may quickly come to long for the benefits of having your company incorporated. Here are a few tips to help you improve your business formation in California.

  • Make good use of California’s free business search tools to make sure your business name is available. Then reserve your business name before anyone else can get it.
  • Chose the right corporation type to meet your business needs and the benefits you are hoping to obtain. While most small businesses are registered as an LLC, you may also be able to use the C corporation or S corporation formation to your advantage.
  • Get the help of a business attorney to file the articles of incorporation. You want to fill out the right documents and get them filed correctly the first time.
  • Pay the filing fee of $100, an amount set by California Government Code 12186.
  • Acquire all of the business licenses or seller’s permits required for your type of business. If you are new to California, you may have previously lived in a state that allowed businesses to operate without licenses or permits, but here, every business is going to need at least one, if not several.

Business Incorporation Assistance in San Diego

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