When it comes to protecting your intellectual property (IP), understanding the options that are available to you is a key element to success. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 different types of patents and when it makes sense to apply for each of them.

  1. Design Patents – Design patents are useful when you want to protect the physical appearance of your invention. You will need to have detailed drawings of your design in order to ensure no one has patented anything like it already and to prevent future copycats. If you need to patent the functionality of the invention, you will have to apply for our second type of patent as well.
  2. Utility Patents – Most inventors apply for utility patents. These patents protect the way that your invention operates, but it goes even further than that. This type of patent also protects the way the product is manufactured. Physical inventions alone are not the only thing covered. A utility patent can also apply to things like software, proprietary blends, or anything else that has been created by a person.
  3. Plant Patents – This is a very specific type of patent for a person who has created a new hybrid plant. You have to be able to make the new plant reproduce asexually (no seeds required) in order to obtain this type of patent. Also, the plant must never before have been recorded in order to apply for this type of patent.

Protecting Small Business IP in San Diego, California

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