A small business relies on intellectual property (IP) to give you a competitive advantage. This is especially necessary when you will be competing with corporations, national brands, or well-established local businesses. From copyrights and trademarks to design and utility patents, here are a few reasons to take advantage of every sort of intellectual property protection from the genesis of your company.

  • Infringement deterrence – When you have all of your patents, trademarks, and copyrights in order, another business is unlikely to challenge that. They don’t want to be dragged into a court battle, especially one they can’t win.
  • Open and shut cases – Sometimes, an infringement may be due to negligence rather than intent. Even then, if you have all your IP protection in place, it shouldn’t be an issue to receive compensation. It’s tough for a court to deny conclusive proof that you were using the IP first and registered it properly.
  • Faster settlements – Of course, it is best to skip the courtroom altogether and get right to the settlement. This is another benefit of IP protection. When the case is clear because all of your paperwork is in order, most businesses will want to settle out of court as quickly as possible.

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