In many states, a non-compete agreement is a standard part of employee contracts. They keep your employees from learning about your business only to leave and start their own competing business in the same area. Unfortunately, some employers have abused this type of agreement.

For example, some employers include non-compete agreements in a contract that make it impossible for former employees to support their family after termination. Imagine if you worked as a window cleaner in San Diego and signed a non-compete with your boss. You leave the job and want to start your own window cleaning business only to realize that your contract stipulated a 400-mile radius, so you can’t even move your family to Vegas and wash windows.

It is no wonder then that California has simply done away with non-compete agreements in the state. On the other hand, now you are left with another dilemma. How do you protect your small business? Couldn’t any of your employees take the training you have given them and start a competing business tomorrow?

Get the Help You Need to Protect Your Small Business in California

While a non-compete may seem like the simplest way to protect your business, the state of California has not left you without options. Pokala Law APC specializes in helping small business owners like you to protect your livelihood. One way we do this is through drafting business contracts and agreements such as employment contracts. To learn more, call us today at 1.844.695.1487, or you can request an appointment online.