Having an employee contract can make a significant difference for small business owners who find themselves in a bad situation. While you always hope a new employee is going to work out, that’s just not the way things always play out. Here are three times that an employee contract could save your company from a disaster.

  • Defend your intellectual property (IP) – If an employee leaves the company, you have the risk that they will bring your methods and other IP with them. This is your competitive advantage, and you don’t want to give it up. A contract can help you to keep the secret sauce that makes your business successful a well-kept secret.
  • Get rid of a useless employee – If you outline the conditions for termination, you can fire someone a lot faster. Don’t get stuck with an employee who is hurting your company just to meet some kind of minimum standard requirements.
  • Keep you from getting sued – From the scope of your employee’s job to an agreed-upon payment to termination conditions, everything you include in the contract helps protect your business from a possible lawsuit.

Contracts and Agreements for Small Businesses in the San Diego Area

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