Intellectual property (IP) can be the success of a small business, so you need to protect it. Here are the 6 steps to acquiring and keeping a patent on your IP.

  1. See if it qualifies – Not everything can be patented. The same is true with trademarks and copyrights. A perfect example of this is the recent lawsuit between Alfonso Ribeiro and Fortnight game makers over the use of his “Carlton Dance.” The U.S. Copyright Office ruled that the dance is not a full work of choreography and can, therefore, not be copyrighted. Patents, likewise, have a number of requirements that need to be met.
  2. Choose the right type of patent – The right patent will depend on what you are trying to patent. The types include utility, provisional, design, and plant.
  3. Do your prep work – From gathering documents to filling out the application, there is a lot to do in connection with a patent.
  4. Submit your application – Once everything is gathered and filled out properly, you need to submit it the correct way and to the right location.
  5. Receive patent approval – Congratulations! You’re a patent owner.
  6. Maintain your patent – Patents last different lengths of time depending on the type. You don’t want to let your patent expire or you IP will become free game.

Patent Assistance for California’s Small Business Owners

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