If you want to protect your small business, you can’t just shake hands on agreements. Here are some business contracts that all small business owners should know about.

  • NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreements allow you to maintain company secrets. Sometimes an employee or independent contractor will get to know privileged information while performing work for the company. An NDA helps you to maintain your competitive advantages by keeping them from revealing that information.
  • Employee Agreement – Contacts with your employees can protect your business. They can outline payment, benefits, causes for termination, and the like.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement – Since your independent contractors will not be signing employment agreements, this is a separate type of contract designed for someone you may work with occasionally. From payment to the scope of the project, this contract outlines what is expected and what the compensation will be. Don’t forget that you may want to ensure you own any work that is performed by contractors, such as websites, content, images, custom software, or other products.
  • Sales Contract – This is a contract that you enter into with a client to perform certain services or provide products in exchange for material compensation. It can also outline the penalties if one party doesn’t live up to the agreement.

Contract and Agreements for Small Business Owners in San Diego

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