Employment Contracts for Small Business Owners 1

Employment Contracts for Small Business Owners

State and federal regulations are often designed to protect employees. An employment contract helps to protect your business. Here are a few reasons that you should use employment contracts, even if you just have a few people working for you.

  • Eligibility – Before signing the employment contract, you may want require someone to fill out the I-9 form to ensure they are eligible for employment in the US. This protects your business legally.
  • Scope of work – From hours to breaks to benefits, the contract should outline all of these requirements. Since the law will necessitate that you to provide a certain number of breaks (and dictates the length), having it all down in writing will also protect your business.
  • Terms for termination – Clearly outlining terms for firing an employee will protect you if you have to let someone go. First of all, the contract may allow you to fire someone sooner based on the number of warnings they agree to. Plus, if you can prove that the employee was fired for the reasons stated in the contract as cause for termination, you are less likely to deal with a discrimination suit from a vindictive ex-employee.

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