Whether you had to fire an unruly employee or they left for a more prestigious position in a major corporation, you need to protect your small business. Your Intellectual Property represents your competitive edge. That means you have to think about protecting your business before you even hire your first employee. Here are two ways to make sure your small business can maintain its edge.

  • Intellectual property protection – You need to copyright, trademark, and patent everything that you can to set your brand apart. This will prevent other companies from infringing on your methods, technologies, logos, and the like. While some IP is automatically protected, taking the extra step to register it can help you if you ever have to go to court.
  • Employment contracts – You need written agreements with your employees and contractors to ensure that they don’t walk away with your IP when they inevitably leave. The contract should outline what is considered belonging to the company and the consequences for copying, borrowing, or in some other way profiting from your IP.

Small Business Owners Need an IP Attorney

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