In California, you can argue breach of contract in a court of law, even if you only had a verbal agreement with someone. So that does that mean business contracts are useless? Absolutely not! In fact, there are some situations where the courts will not hear your case unless there is a written contract.

Here are some of the situations where a written agreement has to be in place in order to sue for breach of contract:

  • Paying a preexisting mortgage
  • Some loan agreements that exceed six figures
  • Future services to be performed over a year from now
  • Cosigning for another party
  • Leases that cover more than one year of time
  • Sale of land

This is just a sampling of situations where you must have a legal contract in order to have any legal recourse. However, a written contract can give you a better case, even when a contract is not required for breach of contract.

Additionally, written contracts serve as both a reminder and a deterrent. No one wants to go to court over a breach of contract when there is documented proof of what was agreed to.

Business Contracts and Agreements in San Diego

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