The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was a major step taken to protect all online content. As a result, anything you publish online is technically protected. You don’t even have to include the copyright symbol on every page of your site. Of course, there are plenty of unsavory businesspeople and others who are willing to cut corners even when it comes to online copyright law. So what can you do to boost the protection of your important web content?

Why Protecting Your Online Content Is Important

If you thought people plagiarized all the time before the Internet, imagine how common it is now that you can just use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to cut and paste content. One second you have outstanding website copy that is SEO optimized and converting visitors into clients, the next you’re just one of several sites using the same exact wording. Google is penalizing your site ranking for having the same content as other sites, and those sites either didn’t pay for the content or they paid a shady marketing guy who just copied it. Everyone loses (except the shady marketing guy). You must protect your online content.

3 Ways to Protect Your Online Content

Here are 3 ways to give yourself extra protection:

  1. Officially register your online work with the S. Copyright Office.
  2. Use monitoring tools (or just do a Google search with key sentences in quotation marks) to determine if your content is being duplicated.
  3. Issue DMCA takedown notices to anyone who copies your content.

Getting Help to Protect Your Online Content

From registering your content to going after perpetrators who violate copyright law, you need a business attorney in your corner who will help protect your intellectual at an affordable rate. Pokala Law has your back every step of the way. Call 1-844-695-1487 to get started.