Perhaps you are running a small, local business and never intend to turn it into a global corporation. Does that mean you should forget about trademarks? Absolutely not! Trademarks are beneficial for businesses of any size. Here are a few reasons why.

#1 Trademarks Constitute a Company Asset

If you ever sell your business, your reputation should be part of the overall value. Even small businesses can build a great reputation in the community. If you ever sell your business, a trademarked brand name and logo become an additional selling point. In fact, if your company has a very good reputation, those trademarks will be worth far more than the several hundred dollars it costs to file them with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

#2 Trademarks Identify Your Business for Consumers

If your company is Joe’s Window Cleaning, and a new guy moves into town and calls his company Joey’s Window Cleaning, a couple who only get their home windows cleaned once a year aren’t going to remember the difference. The trademark of your logo and company says, “This is the one.” To make sure your company name is unique, you can search the trademark database.

#3 Trademarks Have Digital Marketing Benefits

Modern search engine algorithms cater to the needs of small local businesses by weighing geo-targeting heavily. That means even a small business can have a successful website and make good use of social media accounts to drum up business. However, a trademark allows you to use your logo and business name freely without worrying about someone stealing your intellectual property.

Help for Trademarking Your IP

Pokala Law helps to support local small businesses in the San Diego area by offering affordable services such as assistance in acquiring and maintaining trademarks and other forms of intellectual property protection. To get your company protected, call us today at 1-844-685-1487.