Why using a local San Diego attorney is important for your incorporation process. A lot of my clients come to me from those websites that allow you to incorporate a business for a fraction of the cost of using an attorney to help you through the process. They often come to me because the process wasn’t personalized enough to their situation, and it ended up causing problems for them, whether it was with taxes, or their operating agreement/by-laws, something brought them to me, in hopes that I could fix the problem.

A lot of these clients ask me why they should use me, rather than one of those websites and I have to say one of the most important things is the personal touch. A website cannot tell you what type of incorporation is best for you and your business. It can fill out the form, but it can’t tell you that one type of formation could save you thousands of dollars in taxes over the years, or that another type might be the best choice if you’re looking for investors for your business. A website isn’t capable of that.

While we’re on the topic of taxes, I am not a tax professional and I am not a tax attorney. But I work with CPAs and tax attorneys on a regular basis. And when a client meets with me in San Diego, I make sure that we also meet with a CPA before we file any incorporation paperwork. The CPAs are professionals that I trust, and they’ll meet with you at my office, so that you understand both the legal and tax implications for your choice in business entities. That way you can make the informed decision of which type of company is best for you and your business in the short term and the long term. The savings that you can realize, as a small business owner in San Diego, go right back into our local economy. That’s why I’m passionate about small business and why my practice focuses on helping San Diego business owners. The more success for small businesses, the better for the city of San Diego.