Most small business owners think of business attorneys as the person you go to when a suit has already been issued. However, by getting some advance advice from a business attorney, you may be able to avoid such a situation altogether. If you believe prevention is the best medicine when it comes to protecting your assets, here are three ways a business attorney can help you to avoid a lawsuit.

#1 – Better Employment Contracts

A properly drafted contract can help to ensure that your company isn’t on the wrong end of a lawsuit should an employee be unhappy with the reasons being terminated. Of course, even the best drafted contract can’t protect a company that fires someone for an illegal reason (like discrimination). But you do protect yourself against legitimate causes for termination.

#2 – Protecting Intellectual Property

Filing your intellectual property correctly can help you in two ways:

  • Prevents you from inadvertently using someone else’s trademarked material – When you perform a trademark or patent search properly, you can find out if someone else is already using the creative idea you came up with on your own.
  • Proves you had it first – Properly filing your trademarks, patents, and copyrights helps to prove you were the first one to come up with the idea if someone sues you later on mistakenly thinking they were first.

#3 – Quality Business Agreements

When you do business with another company, you want to be sure that you know exactly what you are responsible for and what happens if the deal goes south. Having a business attorney draft and review the agreement can help you to be sure you won’t be on the hook if the arrangement doesn’t go as planned.

Help for Small Businesses in San Diego

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