The federal government and the state of California both have laws that protect employees. If you run a small business, there are some things that you should know about before you end up doing something that could cost your company a big fine.

  • Eligibility – There are massive fines for hiring someone who is not eligible. Such individuals would include undocumented workers or illegal aliens. The I-9 form protects your business by confirming eligibility beforehand.
  • Tax withholding – If you are making the leap from freelance workers to employees, you need to understand how taxes work. All of your employees are subject to federal income tax withholding.
  • Laws regarding hours and wages – California state has its own laws regarding the hours that employees can work, the number and length of breaks that must be provided, and the compensation that is necessary for overtime. There are even rules about payment of unused vacation days if you fired an employee.
  • Laws regarding discrimination – This part should just be common sense, but remember that you can’t discriminate against an employee for any reason. Finding out that someone you hired belongs to a religion you disagree with or is of a sexual orientation that doesn’t match your personal moral code is not a valid cause for termination.

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