In a previous blog entry I discussed the importance of the buy-sell agreement to any new business, especially when it is closely held (i.e. a small number of members/owners/shareholders). The question my clients ask me at this point is how can they finance the buy-sell agreement. Oftentimes they simply don’t have the money to buy their partner out, but there are ways around this.

One way is called key-person insurance. It is a life insurance policy on each member,  either paid for by the other partners/owners/members/shareholders or by the company itself. Each member agrees in writing that the life insurance policy will be paid to the deceased/disabled member’s estate in exchange for the share of the company. The estate cannot demand more than the pay-out of the life insurance policy in exchange for the deceased/disabled member’s share of the company.

It keeps things simplified and doesn’t have the owners of a company seeing their creation falter crippled due to unforeseen problems. And it won’t lead to protracted court battles either, which is another benefit.

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