The American Dream Show April 15 2016 – Teaching You How To Win in Any Marketplace

Meet Me on The American Dream Show – Teaching You How To Win in Any Marketplace!

I was very fortunate to be invited on to be a guest on Craig Sewing’s The American Dream as Andrea Kaye was hosting the show. The show airs at 10:30 AM, April, 15th, 2016 on Cox Channel 4 and on Time Warner Cable. I had the honor of talking a little about my practice, and a common pitfall some of my small business clients are finding themselves in, the issues with classifying independent contractors and employees! Finally, I got to announce that I will be coming out with The Small Business Legal Playbook this month, a special informational packet for Small Business Owners comprising some of the most common Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions that I’ve answered for clients. Thanks again to Andrea Kaye for inviting me to appear on the show.

Here’s a link to the show, hopefully you like it.

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