Intellectual Property (IP) is essential for a small business that needs to maintain a competitive advantage in the modern business world. One of the greatest threats to maintaining your IP is internal theft. How can you keep employees from stealing, leaking, or even selling your brand’s secrets? Here are a few tips.

  • Control access – Not everyone has to know every company secret. You need to control who has access to the secret sauce that sets your brand apart. Be sure to keep track of who has access, and make sure they know not to share their username or password with anyone, even within the company.
  • Establish IP policies – What are the ramifications of a leak? What are the penalties for sharing or selling IP? If your employees understand the consequences of these actions, they are less likely to think it is worth trying to get away with it.
  • Written contracts – Employment contracts with both employees and freelancers should outline what needs to stay secret, how to do it, and the consequences if trust is breached. Before someone learns about the company’s inner workings, this agreement should be signed. It protects your business against theft and ensures you can take legal action if an employee leaks or steals your IP.

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