Non-Compete Agreements are common in the modern business world. After all, an employee of a small business is very quickly going to the learn the “secret sauce” that gives your small startup a competitive advantage. So what is to stop an employee from breaking away and becoming your primary competitor? Non-disclosure agreements between a business owner and employees can protect intellectual property and keep employees from leaving and taking clients with them.

That is, of course, except in California.

California is one of just four states that does not allow a business owner to require a non-compete from employees. Why is this the case? Unfortunately, non-competes are sometimes abused and may make it difficult for a former employee to support himself or his family. How crazy would it be if you were to work with a plumber in San Diego and sign a non-compete that covered a 400-mile radius? Even if you later moved to Las Vegas, you still wouldn’t be able to start your own plumbing business. That’s a pretty wild example, but you get the general idea of how quickly a non-compete can take away someone’s livelihood.

Protecting Your Small Business Without a Non-Compete Agreement in California

A non-compete isn’t the only way to protect your intellectual property or to maintain your competitive advantage when an employee leaves the company. Pokala Law APC specializes in helping small business owners like yourself to legally protect your livelihood. Contact us today at 1-844-695-1487 to learn how we can help you to craft the contracts and agreements that you need in order to navigate the modern business world.