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How Difficult Is It to Fire an Employee from a Corporation or LLC?

If you are a small business owner, even if you are operating the company as an LLC or another corporation type, you realise the importance of hiring quality employees who will increase business profits. If you have a problem employee who just doesn’t fit in with your business model, how difficult is it to let […]

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3 Biggest Misconceptions About Incorporating a Business

Incorporating your small business can have great benefits when it comes to everything from separating your business and personal assets to minimizing how much you personally owe in taxes. However, there are some serious misconceptions about what incorporating involves. Here are three myths about incorporating a small business in California. Myth #1: Incorporating Your Business […]

Pokala Law Business Formation Attorney San Diego

Business Formation Advice – Choosing a Business Type

If you are starting a new business, you have to make some basic decisions about how the company will be set up. For example, some small business owners just want to maintain a sole proprietorship in order to keep things simple. While this involves the least paperwork, it subjects your income to the self-employment tax, […]