As a small business owner, you could be liable for violations of the Fair Day’s Pay Act. What is this legislation designed to do and how can you meet the requirement?

The Fair Day’s Pay Act has been set in place to protect employees, ensuring that they are paid a fair amount of money in exchange for their work. Here are a few things you need to know about this employment law:

  • You must ensure that all employees of your company make at least minimum wage.
  • If employees are required to work off the clock, they need to be compensated.
  • Employees are entitled to their tips.
  • Final wages must be paid when an employee is terminated.
  • If you have past wage violations, you may need to pay fines before you can continue to do business.
  • Depending on how your business is structured, your personal assets could be at risk over failure to meet the standards of the Fair Day’s Pay Act.

If you have an employee or former employee who is seeking to get damages under this law, you need the assistance of a business attorney who is experienced in labor laws.

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