Whether you call it a confidentiality agreement or an NDA, you want this business contract to be a regular part of your dealings with any employees, contractors, or private consultants your company uses. Why is it so important?

  • Defines confidential information – You may feel that anything you tell your employees via email is confidential, but they may not view things the same way. The NDA outlines what information is considered confidential so you have a legal basis should someone break that confidence.
  • Sets consequences – The NDA can outline the actions taken should someone break confidentiality. This also helps to enforce the contract.
  • Better business relationships – A breach in confidentiality can cause hurt feelings and ruin business relationships. An NDA can help preserve your business relationships by outlining exactly what should or should not be disclosed outside of the company. It can also help you to protect your brand’s trade secrets that give you a competitive advantage against much larger businesses. So an NDA can also play a key role in protecting your IP.

Creating Enforceable Business Agreements in California

As a small business owner, you may have once thought that business contracts and agreements were for big corporations. However, it can really protect your small business to have professionally drafted contracts and agreements. Pokala Law APC can help your business by offering affordable contract and agreement services.

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