3 Intellectual Property Myths Debunked

3 Intellectual Property Myths Debunked

If you are a small business owner, you need to protect your intellectual property (IP). It gives you a leg up on the competition and can be what someday turns your small business into a major corporation or even gets you a huge buyout. But there is a lot of faulty information out there regarding IP. Here are three myths to be aware of.

Myth 1 – I Automatically Own Everything My Employees and Contractors Create

This is definitely not true. Unless you have a contract that specifically states anything the employee or contractor creates belongs to the business, ownership always falls to the creator. It is important to discuss this with anyone you hire and include it in a signed agreement.

Myth 2 – My Patent Is Global

Not if it is from the US patent office. That only protects you against IP violations within the US. If you operate globally, you’re going to need to file a patent in every country you do business in.

Myth 3 – You Can Use It If There Is No Copyright Symbol

People get confused by that symbol (or the lack thereof). It’s used as a reminder that something is copyrighted, but everything from social media posts to blog content is all owned by the person or company that either posted or created it. So never borrow any type of content without permission.

Intellectual Property Law for the Small Business Owner in California

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