Employment law in California is always changing, so as an employer, you want to be sure to stay updated so that you avoid potentially costly fines. Here are 5 things you should always check before hiring an employee.

  1. Confirm eligibility – You have to make sure that your employees are eligible to work in the US.
  2. Tax responsibilities – You need to be prepared to withhold taxes, including the proper social security and Medicaid taxes, from an employee’s paycheck.
  3. Have the right coverage – Does your business carry workman’s comp and unemployment coverage? You’re going to need it if you want to have employees.
  4. Know wage laws – You need to know what minimum wage is as well as laws that dictate employee breaks and overtime pay.
  5. Know antidiscrimination laws – It may seem like common sense not to discriminate against anyone, but you may also be looking for something specific in an employee. You need to know what decisions you are allowed make as an employer, and what is considered discrimination.

Defense and Plaintiff Employment Law in San Diego

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