If you run your own company, you no doubt recognize the importance of quality contracts for many business dealings. We’re going to take a closer look at four of the most important types of business contracts and why you should enlist the help of a business lawyer before you sign anything.  

  1. Employment Contracts – If you are going to be taking on employees, you should have a contract that helps to protect your business – especially your intellectual property that an employee will most likely be privy to while working for your company.  
  2. Freelancing Contracts – This is similar to the need for employment contracts except a freelancer is more like a subcontractor. The bigger the project that you are outsourcing to a freelancer, the more important the contract becomes. Be sure that everyone is clear on the scope of work, the rate of pay, and deadlines that need to be met.  
  3. Lease Agreements – When you have to lease real estate for your business, the agreement is a major factor in whether the location will be of benefit to your company or a major headache. Be sure you understand who will be responsible for maintenance of the property, and don’t forget to see the deed, so you know the person leasing the property to you really owns it.  
  4. Purchase Agreements – Whether you are buying or selling, you want to be sure that the purchase agreement protects your company.  

Learn More About the Importance of Business Contracts and Agreements 

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