Necessary Steps When Trying to Protect Your Business with Patents 1

Necessary Steps When Trying to Protect Your Business with Patents

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Shark Tank, you know how essential it can be to have something proprietary about your business, especially if you are looking for investment capital. Even if you want to keep 100% of your equity, you still need to protect your intellectual property (IP) in order to maintain your competitive advantage. Here are some essential steps when it comes to getting a patent.

  • Understand the requirements – Some things can be patented, and others cannot. You can spend a lot of money trying to patent something that isn’t protectable unless you do your research first.
  • Choose the right type of patent – Unless you are developing a new species of plant, there are only two patent types that you need to know about – design and utility.
  • The application process – You need to gather the right documentation to attach to your application so that it is accepted and protected as rapidly as possible.
  • Turning in the application – Again, many of the worst delays in the process come from a business handling this part wrong. You want to turn the application in correctly the first time.
  • Patent maintenance – How long is your patent good for? It depends on the type. Don’t let your patent run out, or you lose your advantage.

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