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The Importance of Maintaining Your Company’s Corporate Status

If you have incorporated your small business, then you no doubt understand many of the benefits that come with maintaining corporate status. For example: Your business and personal assets are kept separate Various corporate structures have different tax benefits Corporations can take additional expenses as deductions Adds credibility to your business However, it is important […]

2017 Update – New California Laws that Affect Small Businesses

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) has recently reviewed a slew of new legislation that may affect small business owners in the state of California. They called the report “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” and it outlines some beneficial new laws along with a few that may cause complications for small business […]

Play 16, “Maybe You Shouldn’t Incorporate.”

Play 16, “Maybe You Shouldn’t Incorporate.”

Welcome to another week’s Play from my Small Business Legal Playbook. I hope the tips are helpful to you and your business, as these Plays are specially designed to give you a little insight on the legal side of running a small business. Today’s Play, Play 16, “Maybe You Shouldn’t Incorporate” is the final Play […]

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5 Steps to Business Partnerships and Documentation in California

If you and a business partner are starting a company in California, it is important to understand local and federal legislation that affects everything from how the partnership agreement needs to be worded to how taxes on the business are paid. Here are 5 important steps when it comes to forming a business partnership in […]

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3 Biggest Misconceptions About Incorporating a Business

Incorporating your small business can have great benefits when it comes to everything from separating your business and personal assets to minimizing how much you personally owe in taxes. However, there are some serious misconceptions about what incorporating involves. Here are three myths about incorporating a small business in California. Myth #1: Incorporating Your Business […]

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Business Formation Advice – Choosing a Business Type

If you are starting a new business, you have to make some basic decisions about how the company will be set up. For example, some small business owners just want to maintain a sole proprietorship in order to keep things simple. While this involves the least paperwork, it subjects your income to the self-employment tax, […]