If you run a small business, you may try to stay away from contracts and agreements as much as possible. After all, unless your business is a law firm, you may feel like these documents are a hassle you don’t want to deal with. However, business contracts and agreements can protect your new startup or small company. Don’t give up on using them just because you run a small operation or even a sole proprietorship. Here is a formula to help you get these documents right.

  1. Have the contract drafted by a business attorney – Either party may take this initial step.
  2. Have your lawyer review the contract – If the other party’s lawyer drafted the contract, you would want to have yours review it to make sure you understand what you are agreeing to.
  3. Negotiate – If there is any disagreement over the contract, you can negotiate new details. Steps one through three may be repeated a time or two before you get to step four.
  4. Sign the contract – Once the document has been prepared, reviewed, negotiated, and adjusted until both parties are happy, then you can sign the contract. Now, both parties must fulfill the contract or experience the consequences outlined therein.

Have Your Business Contracts Drafted and Reviewed in San Diego

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