Every small business owner needs to be familiar with contracts and agreements. These are useful tools for protecting your business from harm. A small business attorney can help with the drafting and reviewing of contracts. What are some of the agreements that may serve you well in your business endeavors?

  • Leases – A lease is crucial when you need to rent property or equipment for your business. One key element is terms for getting out of the lease early, including any penalties that would have to be paid.
  • Employee contracts – You need to protect your IP, so a contract with all of your employees is a must in case they ever move on to another company. You also want to outline terms for termination so that you can fire an employee who doesn’t meet your standards.
  • Freelancer contracts – This type of contract helps to ensure that your business owns the work that is performed, and it may outline other matters such as due dates for work, the scope of a project, payment, and protection of IP.
  • Purchasing agreements- Whether you are purchasing something for your business from another company or you are making the sale, a purchasing agreement is important for outlining the terms.

Small Business Agreements and Contracts in San Diego

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