Three Types of Patents for Small Business Owners

Three Types of Patents for Small Business Owners

Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most important things that a small business owner needs to protect in order to stay competitive in the modern business world. How can patents help you? We’re going to look at three types of patents that can keep your competition from offering the same product or service as you for years to come.

  • Plants – This one is pretty specific to growers, florists, and anyone else working with plant life. A plant patent allows you to develop a new hybrid. Keep in mind that the plant must be able to reproduce without seeds in order to patent it.
  • Design – This one is all about appearances. Someone may be able to create a product that performs the same task as your invention, but no one can make something that looks like it if you have a design patent.
  • Utility – How does your product, software, or invention work? The utility patent is the most common because it basically applies to everything the other two don’t cover. It is all about function. Keep your app functionality, supplement recipe, or work processes from being imitated.

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