If you operate a small business, having freelancers who perform work for you can often be a necessity. However, when you are dealing with clients that have sensitive information or your company has its own intellectual property to protect, an NDA may become necessary. Here are a few things that you gain by having an NDA signed by your contractors.

  • Determine what is private – An NDA gives you an opportunity to define confidential information, including emailed content, processes used by your business, and any intellectual property, such as patents or copyrights.
  • Outline damages – The NDA also allows you the opportunity to state in advance what the consequences are for a breach of confidentiality. It gives you a legal means of enforcing the contract and receiving damages if someone shares private info.
  • Improved business partnerships – Your relationships with your freelancers and other subcontractors will be better when everyone knows what is expected of them. This is even true when you have a personal friendship with the individual working for you. Nothing messes up a friendship faster than a breach in confidentiality that costs someone money. A contract is smart, no matter who you are working with.

California Business Contracts and Agreements for Small Business Owners

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